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Hey, Y’all! My name is Marsha Ellis-Smith and I am the owner of Marsha’s Gifts, Etc., with Crazy4Cowboys. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, with my wonderful husband, and our two sometimes wonderful dogs!

Let me just tell you, that until 2003 the only things I had sold in my entire life were magazine subscriptions—and that was to win a bunch of stuffed animals when I was in the seventh grade!!  (And my training after high school had not helped me much in retail knowledge either—I have a Bachelor of Music Education Degree in Voice from Ouachita Baptist University and a Ph.D. in Biblical Backgrounds and Archaeology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary!  I could tell you about eye makeup in ancient Egypt, and maybe could sing you some songs about it, but could not tell you how to apply that eye makeup!!  Nor could I have even begun to tell you how to start a business!!)

But—in 2003 both of my parents in Arkansas began to show Kawhi Leonard Limit jersey signs of early stage Alzheimer’s disease and I started going back and forth from Kentucky to Arkansas and staying in Arkansas several weeks at a time.  So…my ‘business venturing,’ or perhaps a better term would be ‘business ad-venturing’ began—with a small home business involving catalog gifts and also with being an independent consultant for BeautiControl Cosmetics and Spa Products.  For the previous ten years, I had been an Associate Vice President and adjunct professor at a large seminary.  But…you just never know what the Lord has in store for you—with the emphasis in my situation being on ‘store’!!  So here I am ten years later with a website, a Facebook presence, and a lot of stuff in my storeroom just cheap nike nfl jerseys waiting for you to tell me what you want, so I can mail it to you!!

I still use my degrees, too—you know, the ones that can’t help me with retail!  I teach college and graduate courses–only now I do it online for two schools, a college in North Carolina and a seminary in Texas.  And I still use my music, mostly with singing solos for church and other programs, and funerals and weddings!  And I am also still involved with BeautiControl—I have been a consultant for ten years, but I have used their products personally for over 30 years.  I have a website for that separate from this one–  You should stop by that site!  We have some great products!!

Anyway, it’s really nice talking with you.  Have a great day, and may God bless you.